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Tinnitus Treatment in Hanover PA

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Tinnitus Treatment

Tinnitus Notch Therapy. Tune out tinnitus for a truly peaceful experience. Tinnitus Notch Therapy Already proven in countless cases, our static noise und ocean wave tinnitus therapy signals contribute to alleviating tinnitus for our wearers.  And now Signia hearing aids are the only ones with in-built Notch Therapy, which can reduce the effects of tinnitus and may even make it disappear completely. * Notch Therapy is a well-researched and clinically proven tinnitus therapy approach that’s been shown to be especially effective for people who experience tonal tinnitus, the most common type of tinnitus. When tonal tinnitus is accompanied by hearing loss, Notch Therapy offers the potential of eliminating the tinnitus completely.* By permanently relegating the tinnitus sounds into the background over a long period, the overstimulation is reduced and the brain ‘learns’ to no longer hear the tinnitus sounds, making life without tinnitus a real possibility. Unlike the static noise and ocean wave approaches, which introduce an additional therapy sound, Notch Therapy treats tinnitus inaudibly and unobtrusively.


Tinnitus Notch Therapy Connexx: Tailoring the therapy to the individual. Using Connexx and input from the hearing aid wearer, tonal tinnitus can be precisely defined and Notch Therapy adjusted.   Finally, the various hearing programs can be set up with different types of tinnitus therapy – static noises, ocean waves or Notch Therapy – for a completely personalized solution. Notch Therapy By introducing an additional, pleasant sound, traditional therapy “covers” the annoying tinnitus sounds, thus distracting the wearer from them. With Notch Therapy, the tinnitus frequency is precisely defined. Amplification of the frequency is then reduced so that it is integrated harmoniously into the overall background sound. 

World’s first! Tinnitus frequency and volume of the tonal tinnitus are defined by Guided Matching, Manual Matching or Direct Entry. With the frequency check at the end of the adjustment process, you can ensure that the correct tinnitus frequency has been selected. If all settings are correct, the tinnitus frequency notch can be set precisely. As a result, the annoying sound is relegated permanently into the background, making life without tinnitus a real possibility. Amplified background sounds Tinnitus therapy 16 17 Tinnitus therapy with noise signals Notch Therapy * Powers, L., dos Santos, G.M., & Jons, C. (2016, September). Notch Therapy: A new approach to tinnitus treatment. AudiologyOnline, Article 18365.

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