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Hearing Loss

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Age-related hearing loss is a progressive and degenerative disorder, resulting from the loss of receptor cells in the ear. Consequently, there is a significant reduction of the quantity and quality of the neural connections from the ear to the brain. This slow onset disorder can have a significant impact on several key brain areas, including memory, hearing, speech, and language portions of the cognitive function. Many people ignore hearing loss because it’s a slow and subtle process as we age. There are risk factors associated with hearing loss that include social isolation (reduced social and physical activity), Cerebral Atrophy (brain shrinkage), and brain overload (working your brain too hard to hear, a risk factor for developing dementia).

Just as with any other progressive and active disease process, hearing loss must be detected early if maximum results are to be expected. Everyone should have a hearing checkup at the first sign of hearing loss. Because, if you catch it in the early stage and correct it with the proper hearing devices, you will be doing your part in maximizing your hearing ability today, tomorrow, and for many years to come.

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