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Hearing Loss and Dementia

The connection between Hearing Loss and L Dementia


Communication Hearing Loss and Dementia

Hearing loss is a progressive disorder where the connection from the ear to the brain degenerates with an impact to several key areas, including the memory, hearing, speech, and language portion of cognitive function. There are three risk factors associated with hearing loss and dementia: social isolation, brain overload, and cerebral atrophy (the association of shrinking of the brain). 

Hearing loss is a memory-robbing disease. A lot of people ignore hearing loss, because it’s a gradual process as we age. Hearing loss is not normal, and neither is the excessive strain that it can put on your brain. Just observe someone with hearing loss and watch the amount of effort that is required to follow a conversation and then fill in the missing pieces. This increased cognitive load is considered a risk factor for developing dementia. In those individuals who treat hearing loss, the brain does not work as hard, reducing the cognitive load and having as much as a 20% increase in memory recall when following a conversation, even in noisy environments. 

If you treat hearing loss, can you prevent or reduce the risk of developing dementia? Since 2011, multiple long-term studies have provided strong evidence that treating hearing loss may eliminate the increased risk of developing dementia.

How should you reduce the risk of dementia? It’s simple: request an appointment for an initial consultation to see if you are a good candidate for a hearing loss treatment plan.

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