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If you decide to pay with BYTECION, then  Follow the 3 step below... Complete our Contact Information Form and a Hearing Care Professional will contact you to walk you through the entire process.

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Step 1. Get Your Hearing Tested Locally

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 Please send us an Audiogram (one that is not more than 6 months old).  Complete the Contact Information Form at the bottom of the page, and a Hearing Care Professional will call you to walk you through the entire process. It is as easy as that! 

Step 2. Select the Hearing Aid Solution That Is Right for You

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 We can help you to select the hearing aid solution that is right for you. The results of your Audiogram will be entered into Signia’s Connexx Fitting Software to determine the best choice for you. We will review your options with you and assist you in choosing the available models that will best fit your unique needs.

* For open fit hearing aid(s). The patient can pick 2 interchangeable color shells at no charge. 

* For custom made hearing aid(s). The patient can choose 1 color. 

You can view the color options that are available, located below the headline How To Measure Each Ear.

At  the time of purchase, we will ask what your color preference(s) will be  before we place the order with our manufacturer (Signia). 

Step 3. Complete the Necessary Forms

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Bytecoin ecosystem member: Please complete the necessary forms and submit them to us to finalize your purchase.  After completing the forms, we will guide you through the entire process for either  option 1 or option 2:   

Open-fit hearing aids: We will mail to your home a tool to measure your ear(s). Once we get confirmation from you, your order will queue and will ship promptly for delivery.


Custom hearing aids and custom molds: These items require ear impressions. To find a local provider in your area for this service, please use Signia's National Locator Map on our webpage. Note: This is a separate out-of-pocket cost of $100.00, and is not reimbursed through your purchase at HearFirst. Ship your ear impressions to HearFirst for quick ordering when using the "iScan II." The finished product is promptly shipped for delivery within 7 days. To learn more, watch the "iScan" video on our main page.         

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How to Measure Each Ear

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Open Fit Hearing Aids


We will mail this simple-to-use tool to you to get started!

For open-fit hearing aids, measuring the ear for a perfect fit is critical.  Choose the number closest to the top of the canal opening. 

For example, as seen in the photo, this patient fits size #1.

This measurement is best determined by taking a photo (or video) of each ear while wearing the tool. Email us the pictures, and we can determine the perfect fit for you.

Custom Hearing Aids

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Ear Impressions: Making Custom Hearing Aids and Custom Molds with "iScan II" Technology.

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Hearing Test,buy hearing aids,hearing aid prices, digital hearing aids,hearing test,

Get Tested Locally!

Pay for your Audiogram or Ear Impressions, then send it to us.


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Find a Local Hearing Care Professional

How we can help you


TeleCare 3.0 adjustments are free, easy, and included with every Signia Primax or NX series hearing aid purchase 

HearFirst will program your hearing aids to your Audiogram before delivery.  We track the delivery and guide you through the fitting and handling of your new hearing aids either by phone or video Care-chat.  Product manuals are included, which clearly explain the process of how to handle your hearing aids.  You can access these instructions on how to handle our hearing aids with video clips on our website header (More/service videos) or view them from the myHearing App on your smartphone.


After fitting your hearing aids, we guide you in selecting the appropriate free apps to install on your smartphone, either the touchControl App or the myControl App, in combination with the myHearing App.  All apps are compatible with Android and iOS smartphones. The touchControl App and myControl App turn your mobile phone into a remote control connecting to your hearing aids, allowing you full access to programs, volume-bass-treble, and the ability to change the directional

microphones to focus on any preferred sound source.  The myHearing App works with every hearing aid that we sell and operates through the TeleCare 3.0. data system. This app will keep you in direct contact with the Licensed Hearing Care Professional at HearFirst to provide help instantly!

  When you interface through the myHearing App on your mobile phone, we can track your personal daily patient satisfaction report. This interface lowers the barriers to communicate, letting us troubleshoot any problems you may have in the most efficient way. We want you to feel confident during the most challenging period of adjusting to your new hearing! All this is handled without an appointment! You can access immediate support via the myHearing App, by text, by voice, or by video-CareChat for instant advice and troubleshooting.


We will assist you with making a change to your hearing adjustments on the new four-band equalizer with precision gain (volume) adjustments for each program "remotely" to help you adjust to your hearing aids quickly. Adjustments are easy, and we will send the adjustment signal from our office computer through the TeleCare service linked to your mobile phone through your myHearing App. Once the tonal signal is heard and the hearing aids respond, the remote adjustment is made to your aids wherever you may be located - anywhere in the world!


The myHearing App also offers guided assistance for improved hearing success with step-by-step listening exercises to help you get familiar with your new hearing aids faster than ever before.  All our products are shipped Priority mail and require a signature. Your signature will begin your 

30-day money-back guarantee with no restocking fees.


There is a 2 or 3-year manufacturer warranty against defective workmanship or materials with 2 or 3-year loss, stolen, and damage coverage. Please read the Warranty, LS&D Claim, and Return Policy under the Terms of Use for our full disclosure.  We look forward to connecting with you for the lifecycle of your hearing aids. Also, for your convenience, your purchase includes a Signia-issued Patient National Warranty Card with Your Customer Name, Dispenser Name, Serial Number, and Warranty Information with Expiration.


To keep up with any changes to your hearing, we recommend that you get your hearing tested annually by a local Licensed Hearing Care Professional. Then, ship your hearing aids back to HearFirst (via Priority mail for $10.00, which includes tracking and signature). We will then reprogram your hearing aids and ship them back for free.


Please be sure to read the Terms/Privacy/Disclaimer information, and if you have any questions about those items, or any other concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We know that this material may be confusing at first, but we are here to help you navigate through all the details.  

We truly appreciate you visiting our website. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about HearFirst. Please contact us today, so we can discuss your needs and preferences in selecting the hearing aids that work best for you.



Internet connection A data connection via Wi-Fi or a mobile network is required for using the myHearing App. During setup, as well as at various points throughout usage, data needs to be received by and sent from the patient’s device. The myHearing App does offer an offline mode when used in environments where no internet connection is available. It should however have the possibility to connect with the internet on a regular basis.  Supported mobile devices The Signia myHearing App for patients is compatible with the following devices: 

  • iPhones (4s, 5, 5c, 5s, SE, 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, 7, 7 Plus), iPad mini, iPad 2 and higher, and iPod touch 5th Gen; all running iOS 8.1 or higher (public release)
  •  any Android device running Android 4.4 or higher (public release) 

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