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How Much Do Hearing Aids Cost?

Today’s hearing loss treatment plans are far more than a simple “amplifying” device behind the ear. The neural science behind modern treatments is focused on the brain, cognition, and the combination of untreated hearing loss. Hearing loss treatment is aimed at restoring lost clarity, providing noise-canceling filters for noisy background situations, and soft-speech enhancers that emphasize the speech of those soft speakers in your life. 

The ideal patient has to accept the cost-benefit ratio when it comes to treating hearing loss; it’s nearly impossible to put a dollar value on improved health. The average hearing aid consumer will purchase at least 5 sets of hearing aids in a lifetime, costing on average $25K. It is important to understand that manufacturers don’t set retail prices (hearing aid dispensers do). 

Hearing aid dispensers generally quote one price for the whole package of services. This includes not only the manufacturer’s cost, such as materials, research, and development, but also the expense incurred by the provider: rent, salaries, training, licenses, liability insurance, diagnostic machines, marketing, and ongoing patient support. The manufacturer’s cost on hearing aids typically accounts for one-third of the total price, and professional fees and services make up the remaining two-thirds.


Choosing the right company to manage your hearing is an important decision. Choosing the right person is an even bigger decision. Don’t leave your hearing loss to chance … seek HearFirst Audiology for a tailor-made to fit hearing loss treatment plan with diagnostic and “potential hearing” verification for a more natural sound clarity and hearing improvement.

My in-home service is a cost-saving opportunity not only for me (helping me to manage and alleviate retailer overhead cost, such as operating costs, rent, salaries, and marketing), but also for you (since I pass along the savings to you!). In fact, I will save you 35% to 50% off the cost of hearing aids from what local or national competitors charge, and I guarantee “Hearing Potential” scores!

HearFirst Audiology is one cost-lowering option to consider without retailer costs. Please contact me at (717) 848-2288 to set up an appointment to discuss your particular situation. I look forward to hearing from you and helping you! 

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