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Hearing Aid Prices - Advanced Technology low priced

Signia Intuis3 - Proven Technology, Outstanding Comfort. Accommodates all degrees of hearing loss.

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Hearing Aid Prices

MSRP $2000.00 Each - (70% off) 

On Sale  ((($600.00 Each, Tax Free))) 

* Available in all Sizes. Smartphone compatible with touch control app for volume control, programs and directional microphone beaming.

This product offers Advanced Technology aimed at restoring lost clarity, providing noise-canceling filters for noisy background situations, and soft-speech enhancers that emphasize the speech of those soft-speakers in your life.  The Intuis3 Accommodates all degrees of hearing loss.  

Your hearing healthcare is my priority using the latest technology and treatment options available.  Call, Jason Orlak (717) 848-2288 for a FREE consultation so that you and your family can get expert advice about treatment needs, options, and timing before making this important investment.   30-Day Trial 100% Money Back Guarantee.

2 Year Warranty

All in-home services including; cleaning, adjusting and re-testing is Free for life of hearing aid(s).  


* See Detailed Feature Overview in the Signia Portfolio Catalog   

Intuis-3 Product Details on Page 24.

Hear to Help!

Hearing aid prices

Open Up Your Ears to a New Way of Hearing

HearFirst is a privately owned and operated hearing aid specialist, offering a wealth of experience and expertise in meeting the quality assurance in your hearing care needs. 

Hello,  my name is Jason Orlak, a registered Fitter and Dealer of Medical Hearing Aid Devices in the State of Pennsylvania. Having spent nearly two decades in the industry, I started HearFirst on the premise that nothing beats personalized service, experience, and affordability for  any budget. I want to highlight these facts and, hence, decided to call  my company "HearFirst." -Partnership Signia/Siemens & Phonak

Choosing  the right company to manage your hearing is an important decision. Choosing the right person is an even bigger decision.  Don't leave your  hearing loss to chance.

Part of the FREE hearing evaluation is to validate individual hearing improvement through an auditory testing Prescription-Protocol **before you buy.  If you are satisfied with the test results-Verifying Hearing Improvement, your custom hearing aid products are ordered. 

Upon delivery and fitting of your hearing instruments, I will "re-verify" your auditory results to compare the two evaluations, so you know exactly what to expect for hearing improvement!  All patients have access to my ”Free“ Unlimited Auditory-Rehabilitation training program. This exclusive software is available on Smartphone App for the lifetime of your hearing aids.

Exercise Types:  

• Loudness scaling

• Perception of everyday sounds

• Basic auditory skills

• Word recognition

• Timbre discrimination

• Speech in noise

• Cognitive skills

• Homework

• Tip of the day

I hear too many stories of patients regretting that they didn't call me first.  I am inviting you to call for a FREE Hearing Test or Consultation, so you or your family members can take advantage of this key opportunity to improve your hearing and save thousands of dollars  - Guaranteed!

It's my pleasure to speak with you!

Please call me at (717) 848-2288.

Hearing aids for low income families

Hearing aids Prices for - low income Families

Helping Low Income Families Afford Hearing Care

 AUDIENT helps low income people nationwide access quality hearing aids and related care at a significantly lower cost. AUDIENT income qualifies families to be eligible for a discount on brand name hearing aids available through the AUDIENT Alliance's national network of dedicated hearing care providers. Brand selection includes Oticon, Phonak, Siemens, Widex, & Unitron hearing aids. 

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For assistance, call
1-866-956-5400 x2
and ask for AUDIENT 

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