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Get a Free Hearing Test and Demonstration on Signia 7Nx, 5Nx and 3Nx Hearing Aids.

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 Predictable Hearing Improvement Verification & Auditory  Rehabilitation Training App/DVD for developing basic auditory skills for  better communication in difficult situations. 

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Commit to your success!  As a leader of excellence in Audiology, the most individualized part is the fitting process and your Acceptance of wearing Hearing Aids.  

Moving you Beyond the Standard Audiogram to a Patient-Centerd, fit.  Since hearing aids are tailor-made to suit your ear Anatomy and Hearing Loss.  Signia's Diagnostic Software-InSitugram provides real-ear measurements of sound waves your hearing aid produces in your ear canal to determine if your hearing amplification is correct for your hearing loss.

When every situation counts, your hearing is in the clear!  Gear up with the Best Hearing Aids and Hearing Aid Prices by Signia. 

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